**signature massage**

The Slōō Down is a therapeutic massage designed to help release tension, relieve stress, and encourage relaxation. This massage is preformed slowly, with great attention to detail, and with a Swedish modality. Pressure can rage between light, medium, and firm.

Because one massage does not fit all, we will create a unique and personalized massage that addresses your specific needs before we begin.

60 Minutes: $80 ($100-$140 for out-call)
90 Minutes: $110 ($130-$170 for out-call)


The Stretch is a therapeutic massage that consists of a series of assisted stretches that focus on all major muscle groups. This massage is great for improving range of motion and flexibility, while also loosening tight muscles and easing stiff joints. This session encompasses a wide range of techniques that may include myofascial release, body mobilization technique (BMT), proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF), rapid tension relief gun, and traditional passive stretches.

60 Minutes: $80 ($100-$140 for out-call)
90 Minutes: $110 ($130-$170 for out-call)


**Prenatal massage is for expecting mothers 12+ weeks**

Prenatal massage is a safe and reliable method to minimize tension and pain due to pregnancy. Lots of women experience some pain and discomfort as their body adapts to changes during pregnancy. Pregnancy massage assists to help alleviate discomforts such as anxiety, backaches, stiffness, headaches, hip pain, edema (swelling), leg cramps, and weight-bearing stress, while enhancing sleep quality, circulatory flow, and permitting optimum muscle relaxation.

What to Expect During Your Prenatal Massage

Prenatal massage differs from regular massage in a few ways, but the main modification you’ll notice is the position in which you lie. To alleviate extra strain on the lower back and pelvic areas that can occur with the pressure of massage techniques, you’ll lie on your side with soft, supportive cushions propping you up. This positioning ensures your comfort while allowing your therapist the ability to apply the right amount of pressure where needed.

The most important thing to remember about prenatal massage is that communication is key. If you’re experiencing any pain or discomfort at any time during your massage please don’t hesitate to communicate how you are feeling so necessary adjustment can be made promptly.

Staying Safe During Prenatal Massage 

Women with normal, healthy pregnancies benefit greatly from regular prenatal massages. If, however, you have a high-risk pregnancy, speak with your doctor or midwife before beginning a massage therapy program. While the benefits are available to you too, it’s important to get the go-ahead from your midwife and/or physician.

60 Minutes: $80 ($100-$140 for out-call)
90 Minutes: $110 ($130-$170 for out-call)


Scalp Renewal: Stimulates the scalp using organic coconut oil and your choice of essential oils. +$5
Calm Balm: For when you’re feeling anxious AF. A mix of essential oils, shea butter, coco butter, and Candelilla wax. +$5
CBD Balm: With or without TCH. Your Choice! Stimulates RELAXATION. Help relieve chronic pain. +10
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