The Slōō Down is a therapeutic massage designed to help release tension, relieve stress, and encourage relaxation. This massage is preformed very slowly, thoroughly, with great attention to detail, and with a Swedish modality. Pressure can rage between light, medium, and firm. Aromatherapy is included within this massage, and CBD oil can be added for $10.

Because one massage does not fit all, we will create a unique and personalized massage that addresses your specific needs before we begin. Your session may also include one or more of the following: breath work, cupping, stretching, rapid percussion (via Rapid Tension Relief Gun), and hot/cold stone therapy.

60 Minutes: $70 ($100-$140 for out-call)
90 Minutes: $100 ($140-$160 for out-call)
120 Minutes: $130 ($160-$180 for out-call)


Thai Yoga Massage is a unique therapeutic form of bodywork that focuses on relieving muscular tension through assisted yoga-like stretching, pressure point therapy, gentle twisting, rhythmic rocking, and muscle compressions. Hands, thumbs, and sometimes feet and elbows, are applied using a pressing technique to work the muscles, help release deep and superficial tension, as well as increase circulation, flexibility and range of motion. This massage is performed slowly to promote deep relaxation, and with the client remaining fully clothed except for feet. Hands and feet will receive concentration using lotion or cream with a reflexology approach. Scalp massage can be added, at no additional cost, if desired.

Workout or yoga type clothing are recommended for this session.

*Traditionally Thai Yoga Massage is preformed on a padded mat placed on the floor, but can also be preformed on a massage table if getting on the floor is not feasible.

60 Minutes: $70 ($100-$130 for out-call)
90 Minutes: $100 ($130-$160 for out-call)

Reflexology Massage (Hands + Feet)

If you haven’t experienced a reflexology session yet, you’ll be amazed at how relaxed and invigorated your whole body can become simply from working on the hands and feet. Reflexology involves placing pressure on specific areas of the hands and feet, in combination with massaging and stretching. It is an ideal therapy for those who are body-conscious, as only the feet are exposed. It is also a great way to ease into the massage and bodywork lifestyle if you have never experienced massage or bodywork before. This type of massage also works great for those who don’t enjoy full body massage, but love having their hands and feet worked.

Reflexology massage can be therapeutic for those suffering from plantar fasciitis, ankle injuries, carpal tunnel, or just simple have sore hands and feet.

*A sugar foot scrub, or paraffin wax bath can be added for $10.

60 Minutes: $70 ($100-$140 for out-call)

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